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Chinese Language Program

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Chinese Language Program Introduction

USTB Foreign Language Teaching Center offers a Chinese language program, in which international students will study Chinese as language students. The program offers primary, intermediate and advanced classes according to the students' Chinese level, with small class teaching, 10-15 students in each class, 18-20 class hours per week.

Class time: 8:00-11:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday.

Curriculum: comprehensive, reading, oral, listening, etc.

In order to help students understand Chinese culture better, we organize students to carry out teaching practice activities every semester.

Language students can apply for campus cards after enrollment. When they finish their program study, they can get a transcript. If they pass the examination, they can get a further study certificate from University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Spring semester class: February - June.

Fall semester class: September – January.

The specific opening time shall be subject to the admission notice.

Application Qualification

Generally, non-Chinese citizens over the age of 18 (inclusive), under the age of 60 (inclusive), with a high school degree or above, and holding a foreign passport.

Application Materials

1.《Application form for admission of foreign students of University of Science and Technology Beijing》,Please visit to register online, and after successful registration pleases print the application form and paste a photo;

2. The final certificate of education or certificate of studying shall be the original or notarized one in Chinese or English;

3. Physical examination certificate;

4. Copies of passports, which must be valid ordinary passports;

5. If you have Chinese proficiency certificate or Chinese learning certificate, please submit them together.

The above materials shall be sent to the International Student Center according to the application time (if the application materials are mailed, please indicate “application materials for Chinese language program” on the envelope). Application materials will not be returned.

Application Steps

Online Application:

1. Visit to register;

2. Fill in the information as required, upload the relevant materials and pay the application fee;

3. Contact the admissions office to confirm that the application is successful.

Offline Application:

1. Prepare personal application materials, get the application form from the admissions office and fill it out;

2. Pay the registration fee on site.

Note: If the application fee is not paid or the materials are incomplete, the application will not be accepted. The application fee paid on site will not be accepted in cash.

Application Fee

The application fee is 600 RMB, and is non-refundable. If the application materials are incomplete or there is no application fee, the application will not be accepted.

Application Time

The spring class application starts from October 15 every year, until the seat is full;

The autumn class application starts from March 1 of each year, until it is full.

If the application materials are mailed, the postmark date shall prevail. Address: Room 122, International Student Center, University of Science and Technology Beijing, No. 30, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Admission Time

The specific time shall be subject to the admission notice. The admitted students shall go through the procedures for enrollment and registration in strict accordance with the time specified in the admission notice.

Tuition Fee

8320 RMB / semester.

Medical Insurance

Overseas students are required to purchase medical insurance in China. Students can buy medical insurance at the registration office on the registration day.


University of Science and Technology Beijing has different specifications of dormitory for international students. Students need to contact the apartment for dormitory information. For information about international student apartments, please call 010-62333702.


Students who are admitted must apply for a study visa with the admission notice and the《Visa Application for study visa in China》(JW201 / 202) at the Chinese Embassy. For those who have studied for more than 6 months, they must apply for visa x1. Within 30 days after arriving in China, they must go to the International Student Center to convert visa X1 into residence permit for study. If the study period is less than half a year, you can apply for visa x2.

Contact Information

Address: Room 122, International Student Center, University of science and technology Beijing.

Post code: 100083

Tel.: + 86-10-62332037

Fax: + 86-10-62327878