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Date:2019-12-23 Author:International Student Center

Candidates with the financial support of your government or the scholarship support under the Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program (CGS-BP) are welcome to contact us for USTB Pre-admission Letter to complete your application procedures.

The Pre-Admission is not equivalent to the final admission notice. It is only used to apply Chinese Government Scholarship in your country.

You are suggested to follow the application procedure and submit required documents to Chinese embassy in your country or department of your government. Otherwise, the pre-admission would be invalid, generally since December to next March.

If you want to apply csc scholarship to USTB directly, please donot ask for pre admission.

How to Get USTB Pre-Admission

1, Contact us, send your digital documents to ;

2, We will issue the USTB Pre-admission Letter (digital copy) in 3 days upon receiving your documents.

Documents Required

a. Highest degree certificate; or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still studying at his/her school (stating expected graduation date, and submit the graduate certificate in future), must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English;

b. Official transcripts of your academic achievement up to the present, including courses taken and standard achieved, must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English;

c. Specify which degree and major 

    Study Plan or Research Proposal (Graduate students only);

d, One photocopy of your valid passport (passport type must be ordinary).